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Day1 #2
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We had several groups of students from EVL and UCSD working on parallel projects for a while now through the same funding grant. It was finally time to integrate the work. It was decided that the best way was to put everyone involved in the project in the same room for two days and ‘make it work’. A simple goal was set and achieved at the end of the second day: capturing events through a kinect (and various other devices), analyze them with the designed event server, and deliver the gestures to a VR toolkit. The kinect was used either through OpenNI or Microsoft SDK. Raw tracking data was sent to the oMicron server for processing and delivered to registered applications. In this case, CalVR was modified to support the oMicron protocol and enabled users to interact with 3D objects and UI components in a virtual world (you can see a quick impromptu video of this at the end of the page). Another group, working on Archeology applications in VR, wanted to add iPad control to the environment, so they wrote an iOS application that registers to the oMicron server and enabled the iPad to send events transparently to the VR application. Neat !

We had basically three sub-groups of students working together integrating source code through networked API. To let everyone see what everyone else was doing, all the workstations (kinect, CalVR) and all the laptop (Windows, Mac) were pushed to the large wall (64 Megapixel) driven by SAGE (using a combination of ‘qshare’ and VNC, where appropriate). Two main zones were defined onto the wall: the left side was mostly Kinect and oMicron integration (kinect workstation, oMicron server, iOS development) using VNC sharing, whereas the right side displayed the CalVR workstation using ‘qshare’ (needed for high-speed 3D capture).

Follows are pictures and panoramas from the room (VROOM at Calit2/UCSD) from both days. Morning of day one was mostly organization, getting to know each other, quick demos and presentations and hardware setup. First afternoon was dealing with network protocols and API concerns. In the second morning, after a quick ‘huddle’ to check the progress and refocus the goals, software projects started to ‘click’ and data was flowing. The final afternoon was the final integration with an application (UCSD developed menu system) and trying to interpret and make sense of the data.

Overall, a great two days of work. Thanks to Daniel and Jurgen to organize.

A quick video showing programmers tests the code integration: selecting menu items through a kinect interaction with oMicron managing the events. The user can navigate through a 3D model.

code integration ‘like a boss’ (Enhanced) from Luc Renambot on Vimeo.

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