CAVE2 Press Coverage

CAVE2 Press Coverage

The Associated Press issued the following article, photographs and video about the UIC Electronic Visualization Laboratory’s CAVE2™ System, which is appearing in a variety of media outlets worldwide.

The article “Future science: Using 3D worlds to visualize data” can be found at:

The Associated Press video “A giant 3D experience for scientists” is now on numerous sites; here is the USA Today site:

The article “Future science: Using 3D worlds to visualize data”:

The short video “First Person: a Big 3D Experience for Scientists”:

The long video “Star Trek-style holodeck becomes reality as scientists invent 3D vitual reality system”:

DISCOVERY CANADA’s “Daily Planet” show, which has a digital technology segment called “Digit@l” produced and hosted by Lucas Cochran, picked up the Associated Press news and did their own coverage of the CAVE2™ System, which aired the evening of February 20, 2013; UIC appears about 1:24 minutes into the episode:

Nice article on EVL’s CAVE2™ Hybrid Reality Environment, this time in Commercial Integrator magazine.

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