Raw DSLR Video

Raw DSLR Video

The guys at Magic Lantern have been extending Canon cameras functionalities for a while now, but recently went pretty far by enabling RAW video recording onto fast CompactFlash card. Canon users are freaking out (at least most of them), rightly so. Done with H.264 compression, and welcome high-resolution high-depth high-dynamic range videos. It will put a strain on your workflow, but it can only get better !
As a test, I took a test shot from Andrew Reid at EOSHD (who has been hard at testing this) in very wide aspect ratio (2560×720, ML allows all kind of ratios as long as you CF is fast enough) and put it on our wall. It looks awesome (thanks to the ProRes code, it’s easier to handle and still very good looking, compared to RAW), and it fits almost perfectly our CyberCommons display.

It should be an exciting time for videographers as the ML developers enable more Canon cameras for RAW recording.

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