Pages about my work at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

Current projects


SAGE is a graphics streaming architecture for supporting collaborative scientific visualization environments with potentially hundreds of megapixels of contiguous display resolution. This allows us to stream, display, and interact with multiple visual­ization windows on our 100 megapixel LambdaVision display for collaborative visual­ization work.


LifeLike investigates, develops and evaluates lifelike, natural computer interfaces that support realistic spoken dialog and non-verbal cues.


TacTile is a 1080p resolution multi-touch LCD display table designed for the visual exporation of scientific datasets. With its HD resolution, it is suitable for both scientific applications as well as museum and informal education applications. By allowing up to 100 simultaneous touches this table format display encourages group interaction.


RainTable is an interactive museum exhibit developed by EVL, the University of Minnesota, and the Science Museum of Minnesota. It allows museum visitors to generate rainfall on top of maps on a large high-resolution digital table and then watch as the rain flows down mountains and across fields, cuts channels through slopes and plains, and floods streams and rivers.


A Cyber-Commons is a technology-enhanced meeting room on a university campus that supports local and distance collaboration and promotes group-oriented problem solving. It is a next-generation computer science resource that relies upon advanced networking and multiple high-definition (HD) displays to transform the traditional computer lab/class room filled with terminals into a work environment that facilitates and encourages group collaboration.