Pages about my work at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).


PhD Advisor



  • Chong Zhang, 2002-2007
    • “OptiStore – A Data Management Middleware for Very Large Scale Data Visualization”
  • Kyoung Shin Park – 1997-2003
    • Enhancing Cooperative Work in Amplified Collaboration Environments

Ms Thesis Advisor

  • Nicholas Schwarz, 2007
    • “Distributed Volume Rendering Of Very Large Data On High-Resolution Scalable Displays”
  • Javid M. Alimohideen Meerasa, 2007
    • “Design And Implementation of SAGE Display Controller”
  • Shalini Venkataraman, 2004
    • “Volume Rendering of Large Data for Scalable Displays Using Photonic Switching”
  • Rajvikram Singh, 2003
    • “TeraVision: A Distributed, Scalable, High-Resolution Graphics Streaming System”
  • Atul Nayak, 2003
    • “Wiggleview: Visualizing Seismic Datasets using Modern Display System”
  • Tom van der Schaaf, 2001, Vrije Universiteit, Netherlands
    • “Distributed Scene Graph Rendering: the Aura system”

PhD Committee Member