Pages about my work at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory (EVL) at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

SC’10: SAGE demonstrations

A new gallery: SC’10: SAGE demonstrations
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Armitage 2010 Presentation

A presentation where Jane HURD was featured for the 2010 Frank Armitage Lecture (Biomedical Visualizaton lecture series)
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Collaborative Painting on the Wall

One iPad to mix the paint and a group of students with some brushes, a roller, a duster or bare fingers to paint on the wall. And you get a na├»ve painting, very “Douanier Rousseau” !.
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Using the wall: video

A new gallery: Using the wall…
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New gallery: Greenlight workshop

A new gallery: a SAGE demonstration between Calit2 and EVL, during the Greenlight minority-serving institutions cyberinfrastructure coalition (MSI-CIEC) workshop agenda june 9-10th, 2010. Calit2, UCSD: “Remote SAGE demo/presentation from UIC in VirtuLab”. (photographs by Lance Long)
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New gallery: SAGE use-cases

A new gallery: showing some SAGE use-cases in the Cyber-commons room at EVL (UIC). (photographs by Lance Long)
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